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Last day in Brussels

Less than 24 hours to go

Hello, hello,

another last post from Brussels.

Only less than 24 hours to go before departure. A bit stressed, a bit nervous, very excited and looking forward to being on the plane tomorrow. By then, there's nothing more that I can do or should have done. From then, it's just relaxing and letting everything come my way.....

Take care!


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Two more days....

Leaving from Zaventem on Monday

semi-overcast 13 °C

Hey everyone,

probably the last post from Brussels, flying from Zaventem at 3.25 pm on Monday and estimated time of arrival in Delhi is 6.20 am local time Tuesday morning.

Last preperations are ongoing, Queen's day has been celebrated yesterday (as well as my niece's birthday), apartment is about to be cleaned (lovely Saturday afternoon job) and quite likely to have a last little party tonight.

We'll try to keep you posted on a regular basis, but it depends a bit on internet access and whether we feel like sharing what we've been going through.... I hope that you'll enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we'll enjoy experiencing them.

See you all when we'll get back!



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Countdown continues....

Leaving party was good

See the itinerary of this trip, and details about each destination.

Another week and we'll be flying to Delhi. Still a couple of things to organize and friends to say goodbye to and then the adventure can start. Also hope that my sister will cooperate so I can see my still to be born nephew before I leave :-)

A few documentaries on India really made me wanna take off straight away, but I guess I'll survive another week in Brussels.....

Keep reading the blog, from next week Monday, the posts will be coming from India!!!


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10 Days to go

sunny 14 °C

In 10 days it will be Monday again. An extremely good Monday though, since we will be up in the air flying to a country where you do not need to wait 30 minutes for your curry to arrive, a country where people do not judge you because you are wearing a tie that does not match your suit, a country where the beer flows like wine, all in all a country where cows are more sacred than Father Damian.


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We're not alone....

First visit confirmed

Just to let you know that from 14/05 until 29/05 Dan will be joining us during our travels in India. Please find his comments below:

I've been reading up and apparently May is the hottest month of the year in northern India. It's also the holiday month, so public transport is supposed to be packed... and hotels are crowded too. Should be a very interesting trip!

I'm sure it's gonna be an interesting trip.... Who's next to join?

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Hepatitis B and Malaria

Better safe than sorry....

Hello, hello,

just came back from the doctor and my right shoulder is a bit sore from the 2nd Hepatitis B shot. Also, she recommended a website (www.itg.be) to check which areas in India and China are considered as high risk Malaria areas. Anyone any experience with this? Thanks to let me know!

Will keep you posted on my preperations (visa's still need to be organized, looking forward to the hassle :-))



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Less than a month of work to go.....

Counting down in the office!

Hey everyone,

only less than 40 days to go. Arranging visa and vaccinations, planning our trip in more detail, looking for someone to rent my flat and counting down in the office. Less than a month of work to go......

More pre-departure news to follow!


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